Empathy !!

Do people really empathise or it’s just an illusion of their mind?

We usually refer to empathy as ‘walking in someone else’s shoes.’ The assumption is that, before judging someone, we must understand their experiences, feelings, and challenges.

I like to think that empathy is being in sync with someone else.

“A world without empathy is inconceivable,” Mark Davis.

We can’t necessarily experience what other people are going through — everyone we know has their own battles. However, we can try to connect to their struggles — we can sync.

Empathy in design

Empathy is first step in design thinking process. It allow us to think and share the same feeling. We try to put ourselves in other people’s shoe.

But who are we empathizing with? The people or “ just the users”? Does every designer have this deep understanding; can walk In others shoe or feel what others are feeling? Or it has just become a mere word.



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