Getting into IDs (Instructional Design)

“How in the world did I get into here?”
“The Few questions I had”

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the creation of learning experiences and materials in a manner of effective knowledge and skills. The discipline follows a system of assessing needs, designing a process, developing materials and evaluating its effectiveness. In the context of workplace learning, Instructional Design provides a practical and systematic process for effectively designing effective curriculum.

Why Is it needed?

When we join or jump into the action of “what training to do?” “Where to do?” “How will you do this, etc.”
The same way there is a fair amount of thinking that needs to happen before the training starts. The instruction Design strategy is an approach to how something will be taught. This method will encompass the methods, techniques and devices you will choose to instruct, and it will be deeply tied to the needs of your users and your objectives.

What are their responsibilities?

Instructional designers need to possess a versatile skill set to create effective learning courses and materials to meet their intended goals. Given that they :
Evaluate new Learning materials
Design and revamp both new and established learning models
Implement feedback from program reviews
Train others on how to deliver learning material
Research innovations in both learning design and education

“The last question I had in mind”

Do I know all of this? Or will I be able to do this?
Well, in the Principles of instructional design it is said :

Change in the human being and their capabilities for particular behaviour take place following their experience within a certain identifiable situation. This situation stimulates the individual in such ways to bring about the change in behaviour. The process that makes change happen is called learning and the situation that sets the process into effect is called a learning situation.

Therefore, the situation sets the process for me into learning situation and change happened I am learning.

Though, still spending time thinking what if’s and wtf’s



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