I am starting to learn that maybe walking away is the best thing you can do for yourself, and for the person you love. Maybe walking away is you making peace with the fact that sometimes things, people and fact changes.

Maybe things change, maybe it goes from “being there for each other” to “being for yourself ” . Maybe it goes from “ you don’t have to worry to much” to “ I really wish you didn’t overthink” . Maybe love isn’t those things which grows only with certain people. Maybe we become too big for it or mayebe small. Maybe it is quiet, maybe there is no checklist, or the way of telling it actually happened. Maybe it’s simply you learning how to release your grip, how to let things be, how to lay down your arms. Maybe that’s how it’s done.

In the silence of it all, or the noise of everyday life.

Maybe you don’t get what you want. Maybe you don’t get the person your heart choses for you. Maybe you end up finding what you need, maybe there is something better for you.

Maybe this or maybe that.



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