One sided — Battlefield

You’re battling your emotions. You’re battling your feelings. You’re battling reality. You’re battling everything people are telling you. You’re battling your own intuition. Your gut. Your logic. Your heart. It’s a battle you can’t win. A war you can’t stop. It’s losing over and over again.

The days the nights have been little longer after you fell in love which was one — sided. You might have started thinking about the things you can’t change. sometimes it’s just a wrong timing.

It feels difficult to love someon unconditionally when other person is not even in love. Everyone says one sided Love never hurts but it does. It didn’t happen all of a sudden neither it will go in friction of second. You felt something in your heart, you confessed it and nothing wrong in sharing a feelings.

It can get little breaking when you are not their priority when for you they are at top most. Sometimes tears are trying to come out but you are holding it back because you don’t want everyone to know about it, you are the strongest. No one can feel what you feel cause it was pure and magical for you. Magical because the memories of the person can still make you smile.

There will be a time you’ll miss the person, the person might understand some day how insanely , how intensely you have fallen for them. Even if they don’t feel or understand a thing that’s ok. Because there was no condition before you fell for the person, it’s all yours.

In the end it’s all smile. ☺