Where are we heading to?

Social Distancing, lockdown and there pros and cons. We have seen it all.

Saving from COVID-19, falling Economy.

Saving life’s from virus but what next?

Well, leaving that for you. To think on..

Seems like we all have a new calendar set for the lockdown.

  • Sleeping scheduled changed? Check.
  • Subscription to Netflix/ prime? Check.
  • Stocked the essential food? Check.
  • Got the face mask and sanitizer? Check.
  • Phone and TV is your new friend? Check.
  • Work from home? Check.
  • Video call to loved ones? Check.


What are you asking your loved ones?

If they have enough grocery? Which YouTube video inspired them to cook today? Did they make the Dalgona coffee? Or what are they binge watching? Or are they fine ( and thanking God for not having fever, cold or cough).

Why nobody ask how is the one keeping up with themselve emotionally or mentally? It’s 2020 and still we don’t talk about it.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: the next few weeks or maybe months are going to be really rough on everyone’s mental health. And we need to be prepared for it.

We all experience this at some point. Maybe we don’t realise it.

Optimism: The state of mind where it seems all great. Thinking to start a new hobbies, gonna complete the pending goals.

Well, in that case soon I will have a resume of two page now. Thanks to all the certificates and knowledge I am gaining.

But what next?

Determination to Satisfaction

Where you go constant.

The in house MasterChef is just amazing. Everyday have a new plan to start a YouTube channel or an Instagram Page.

Then comes,


And with that Deinal

Staying with family or alone. The time is rough. The situation is different. The dream of staying alone and having a cosy room is turning into the four walls.

Lately I have realised we humans are weirdest creatures. We are never satisfied.. People who are staying with family are crying for alone time and people alone are crying for some family time. Ughhh... We are just imposible!!

Moving on..

So how does one cope up with so many things going in the head?


Regardless of whatever you think, this time period of uncertainty and disruption has made it difficult for everyone.

But we have to get through this. Maybe this is the time to nurture the long lost thing you were trying to find, build or maintain.

We all are trying in someway or other to get out of this. It’s not easy as it sound.

If you’re one of the lucky few, who hasn’t feel the stress or emotional breakdown. Kuddos to you. Keep going and motivate others.



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